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The website where the hosts may be bad, but the AI tools are always top-notch!

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Our show is a playful take on the world of artificial intelligence, showcasing the latest and greatest AI tools in a fun and entertaining way.

Each episode of Bad AI features a different AI tool, which our hosts put to the test in various challenges and scenarios. From chatbots to image recognition software, we cover it all – and we do it with a sense of humor that you won’t find elsewhere.

Tune in to Bad AI and discover the playful side of artificial intelligence!

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Easy AI Text + Image to Video

Easy AI Text + Image to Video

We’ve witnessed the growth of generative images using AI with tools such as MidJourney. And we’ve shared how you can make images become videos with tools like Kaiber. But we are now moving into the next generation of iteration where you can create video just using a text prompt.  Today we introduce you to RunwayML…