10 Ways Crypto and AI Can Make Each Other Better


We’ve been covering the crypto and blockchain space for over six years on Bad Crypto, and we’ve been at this show for about five months. But technology overlaps are inevitable. And today we are going to look at 10 ways that AI and crypto can make each other better. It’s a fresh, fresh, exciting mashup of two things we love, crypto and AI, on this episode of The Bad AI Show.

1. AI will make Web3 projects more productive and efficient.

  • Learning to code smart contracts and create blockchain and web3 applications will be easier with the use of AI tools to create base code

2. Blockchain could bring decentralized values, governance, and guardrails to AI

  • While AI requires immense computing power to run models and services, web3 users are advocating for open source data and decentralized governance of the technology. 
  • But does this open Pandora’s box to security risks and nefarious actors, leading to the destruction of humanity? That’s the fear

3. AI will upend crypto trading

  • Algorithmic trading bots powered by artificial intelligence have the potential to wreak havoc on the crypto – and traditional – trading markets. 

4. Blockchain could save us from AI’s ocean of misinformation.

  • Blockchain can authenticate content and data, protecting the public from “deep-fakes”, leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs. 
  • We have covered ZKPs in Episode 665 of The Bad Crypto Podcast with Dor Garbash; badco.in/665 

5. AI could make crypto compliance and auditing easier.

  • Auditing crypto projects and crypto banks is time consuming, especially as regulators are getting up to speed on the technology and its capabilities. Artificial Intelligence can supercharge those efforts and automate audits and compliance. 
  • Of course, it would help if the SEC would provide actual regulatory and compliance guidance for crypto projects and exchanges issuing tokens. We talked with Commissioner Hester Peirce – Crypto Mom – about regulation in Episode 627 of The Bad Crypto Podcast, here: badco.in/627

6. AI could make life easier (or harder?) for crypto hackers and scammers

  • Will AI make smart contracts harder to defend against criminals, or more secure and robust? It depends. Developers still need to know how to secure their code and blockchain activity. 

7. AI could spur the growth of the metaverse.

  • AI can slash production time for metaverse development.
    • With tools like 
    • Midjourney
    • Supercreator

Covered in previous episodes of The Bad AI Show. We also covered many of these tools, topics, and their application to content production and business with guest Matt Wolfe in Episode 684 of The Bad Crypto Podcast, here: badco.in/684

8. AI could exacerbate the environmental concerns of crypto.

  • AI and crypto both require large amounts of energy to power. Will we finally have greater adoption of alternative energies? 

9. Cryptocurrency could be used by AI agents

  • AI can operate as a virtual assistant. Your AI agent can have access to a specific crypto wallet and transact on your behalf, creating more personal and professional efficiency for daily tasks. 
  • “Please have Starbucks Preferred Order #2 delivered to {address} at 10 AM. Pay with Bitcoin.”  

10. AI could leverage crypto to achieve the Nightmare Scenario.

  • But an AI agent could also quickly be turned to nefarious pursuits with access to cryptocurrency, overtaking humanity – or at least violating the most basic moral code – in your name. And then, who is liable? You, or the rogue machine? 
  • Worldcoin – Sam Altman – Scanning eyeballs





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