Big Week! ChatGPT 4, MidJourney 5 Released, Plus Google and Microsoft Ai Race!

AI technology is advancing far faster than we imagined, and we’ve been replaced by robots. The JoelBot 3500 and the Travbot 3501 have been replaced by the 4000 models.

Today, the bots are equipped to share the latest in AI news. GPT-4 is out and a team at Stanford has figured out how to train their own AI based on ChatGPT 3.5 for just under $600. Microsoft and Google announce their latest AI product releases. MidJourney releases a big update and hands are back to having five fingers. And AI helped one dude make money just by asking it to set up a business.

Ready to hop into the future? Join us on episode #4 of The Bad AI Show.


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Yet the cost reductions that were expected to take 8 years were accomplished in a matter of weeks by a team from Stanford, where researchers were able train an AI named Alpaca to a ChatGPT3.5 level of performance for under $600.

In order to accomplish this, the team started off with Meta’s open source LLaMA model as a foundation, and then proceeded to use the ChatGPT3.5 API to train the model, a process which only took around 3 hours.

Alpaca Training Process

This is a shocking revelation, as the majority of the value assigned to companies like OpenAI is based on their proprietary training data, which was thought to give companies a competitive moat, yet has now been exposed to be easily accessible via their own API’s.

And while the idea of a model achieving a “ChatGPT3.5” level of performance may not sound impressive in the wake of ChatGPT4’s release, this same process can be followed using ChatGPT4’s API for roughly the same cost, meaning that what took tens of millions of dollars for OpenAI to create can now be cloned for a few hundred bucks.


Joel Comm: Technology is advancing far faster than we imagined, and we’ve both been replaced by the latest variations of robots, the Joel Bot three 500 and the travel bot 3501 have been replaced by the 4000 models. Today the bots are equipped to share the latest in AI News. GPT four is out and a team at Stanford has figured out how to train their own AI based on chat. GPT 3.5 Get this for just under $600, Microsoft and Google announced their latest AI offerings. Midjourney releases a big update and hands are back to having five fingers and I helped one dude make money just by asking it to set up a business Ready to hop into the future. Join us on episode number four of the Bad AI show Who’s Bad? And so much has happened in the world just since you last heard my voice. That version 83 of chat GPT is now out and we’re not really.

Travis Wright: Actually what’s happened is the we’re all dead now. So congratulations didn’t take very long for Chatgpt to kill us all.

Joel Comm: And we humans are dead. Yeah, the humans.

S3: Are dead and we poisoned their.

Travis Wright: Asses.

Joel Comm: So let’s jump right in with the news for this week, because it has been a heavy hitting week for news chat. GPT four is out right now with all kinds of new features. I mean, we were just getting used to chat GPT 3.5 and what it could do. And now we’re discovering that this thing outperforms most students on the bar exam, like 90% of people. Well.

Travis Wright: GPT four now actually has passed the medical exam, the lawyer exam, all kinds of exams, and it’s working on a few other ones that are really interesting. Take, take a, you know, a gander in chat GPT for what it can do. It’s it’s multimodal. And you hear that word and you go, huh, Well all that means is it can do, it can input now video images, audio and text. So it can basically it can do think it can see, it can listen. It’s crazy what this thing could do and then output ridiculous things as a result of what it thinks it knows.

Joel Comm: So if Chatgpt for just came out, Microsoft confirmed that they have secretly been using GPT four. Does that mean that people like, are there financial institutions that have access to the next generation of this that are using it for, you know, figuring out what to trade and what’s going to move on the markets before everybody else?

Travis Wright: Some of them are already using that and they were using GPT 3.5, the API for that because the API for GPT 3.5 just came out like two weeks ago, Right? And then and then all of a sudden some dude in Germany who works for Microsoft said, Oh, chat GPT four is releasing next week. And the whole world was like, Whoa! And then boom. And then what was interesting about the release of Chad GPT for to me, Joel was earlier in the day, Google came out and said, Hey, we’re going to add AI into Gmail and Docs and all this other stuff. And they came out and talking about that. And then just like right after that chat, GPT OpenAI came out and said, Oh, we’re doing a live stream in a couple hours to talk about the release of Chad GPT four. And so any sort of buzz that Google might have had around it just sort of destroyed them.

Joel Comm: Yeah, they came right in. This is part of that multimodal thing. You could see here with the new one, you could put an image in and it detects it gives context, says this image, you know, features this person doing this and this type of environment, and it gives words to the pictures so you’ll be able to know which pictures are worth a thousand words and which are worth only 300 with with GPT four.

Travis Wright: Good. Because we’ll have a problem on that. I’m actually trying to solve right now because I used an AI program to create this thing. It’s got this really awesome background around it, but I’m like, How do I describe that? Because that’s not how I described it. But now it looks awesome and I want to make it into a video, but I don’t know how to describe it. So eventually we’ll be able to do that. Now some of the chat GPT four features are not readily available to everyone yet, but they’re getting there and it’s it’s crazy what’s going on with this.

Joel Comm: Joel Well, this is what makes it even crazier. Apparently at Stanford University there is a group that created an AI model called Alpaca. And for under $600, they were able to create and duplicate using AI, the chat GPT 3.5, They built their own. Model on this. I actually picked up on this story from a resource that I subscribe to called Neon Pulse. They were initially people were saying it would take eight years to accomplish what OpenAI did for Chatgpt, and this group made Alpaca with Chatgpt 3.5 performance for under $600 in just weeks. So how how valuable are these services then on their own? If if I can replicate itself to create your own AI services?

Travis Wright: Um, so one thing about alpaca was they were essentially able to do that for 600 bucks and they can essentially install that on their own computer without having to utilize the main servers. And so they’ve been able to condense it, put in a lot of information within that thing and utilize the sort of the framework of that cost them 600 bucks to do that. So you made a comment when we were offline about how some of these AI projects are worth billions and are raising billions of dollars in funding. And then Stanford University launched an alpaca for 600 bucks. You can’t even buy an alpaca for 600 bucks.

Joel Comm: I don’t have the tweet to paste into the screen, but I’m going to read it. This guy named Eliezer Yudkowsky from this article wrote, I don’t think people realize what a big deal it is that Stanford retrained an lambda model llama into an instruction following form by cheaply fine tuning it and inputs and outputs. It means if you allow any sufficiently wide ranging access to your AI model, even by paid API, you’re giving away your business crown jewels to competitors that can then nearly clone your model without all the hard work you did to build up your own fine tuning data set. That’s powerful stuff. How do you put it out there and protect it?

Travis Wright: Yeah, which is this is very clever though. It’s large language models and it’s a llama. Llama, right? So it was sort of a play on words. Pretty smart, but, you know, just kind of jumping around on some of our stories here. There’s another story that was really interesting how a man just basically said, hey, I want to make telling a bot I want to make as much money as possible. And what was it? They had $1,000 or something to spend. One of them had £2 to spend, another one had less money to spend. So there’s people using Chatgpt now to help them come up with own business models. But is this the one where the dude is selling t shirts and has his own business called AI static?

Joel Comm: No, this is a guy that created an affiliate marketing site called Green Gadget Guru making content around sustainability products. He started he gave Chatgpt for a budget of $100 and told it to make as much money as possible. So it created, you know, logos for him that he then picked, told him how to to market use Dolly to make a logo. You could check the whole thing. This this is in our show notes, by the way, for episode number four. I show IO forward slash four is where you can find this and we can actually take a look at his website. It’s right here. It’s green gadget and this is the site. You can even see the AI midjourney image that he used on it. All of this is based on what Chatgpt for. Told him to create.

Travis Wright: Yeah. And then it’s coming up with all these different blog posts and it’s basically it’s a, it’s an engine that they’re using. Here’s their business. And now we need to create content. We need a social media marketing strategy. We need all of this and driving it’s it’s wild. So there’s some really good marketing prompts out there to use chatgpt for with. And if you do a search on those people, put some of those in the show notes. Some people are actually taking those prompts that they’re creating and then making business models out of that and selling those prompts as a system. But it can save you hours and hours and hours on this. You know, just just a matter of fact, I had a friend of mine who needed a website for their they were doing home construction stuff, a friend. He came here, helped paint my stuff. He’s like, you needed a website. I was like, Dude, let me see what I can do. And through Chatgpt and then using WordPress, I was able to build this guy a website in less than an hour. All the content done everything up and running. So it’s crazy if you have some skills that you’ve built along the line, you know that you have and you can augment those with these technologies, that’s where you really win because it’s going to make the smart people a lot faster. It’s not going to make the dumb people great. You still got to learn some skills. AI is great as an augmentation tool to make your life more proficient, and in a lot of ways, it’s really spectacular what it can do.

Joel Comm: Well, the big tech competition is on right now. Google, as you mentioned, announced that day features for Gmail and docs that are coming especially around Google workspace. Eventually it’ll hit the personal services on Google, but right now they’re going to be launching out with Gmail with Docs eventually slides, sheets meet and chat, so it’ll help you, right? Just go to Google Docs and say, Help me write and it will do that in Gmail. Tap an icon at the bottom and ask it to generate a draft. Elaborate short and bullet ties. Adjust the tone. And then of course, if you’re going to want to create a presentation, you’ll be able to do that, develop a spreadsheet that has all the fields and formulas that you need in it. Google is going to make that all available to enterprise users here very soon.

Travis Wright: MM That’s going to be spectacular. I don’t know. I’ve not had a chance to play around with it yet. I don’t even know that it’s fully functional for what I’m trying to do with my domain name because it’s an enterprise level tool. The bad crypto podcast is not. That’s more of a personal one, so some of those will come into play later. So basically, Chad, GPT four comes out and says, We’re doing this. Actually, no. Google comes out and says we’re doing this. Then Chad, GPT four comes out and says, No, no, no, we’re doing this. Then Microsoft says, Oh, yeah, we’ve been doing that with GPT four for a while. Check out all the cool shit we’re doing with copilot.

Joel Comm: Copilot can write your emails and let you skip meetings. I’m all about that skipping meetings, but you know, I’m not exactly sure how the bot summarizes, you know, taking notes and all that, but apparently Microsoft is all in as well, and the race is on. You know, is is Amazon going to announce some sort of shopping assistant, AI that like other.

Travis Wright: Stuff in there probably already is smart like I type of stuff. Right. We know Alexa is not that smart yet, but you know, they got to be tying this stuff in and trying to piece it all together and make everything more intelligent. I love the idea to be able to you know, I’ve been we’ve been seeing some of these tools for a while. When we’re in meetings, you know, they’ll actually have some sort of AI bought in there. That’s that’s taking everything that’s being said in the meetings and then making notes of it and finding the most important actionable items and then giving you sort of a summary of that. So we’ve been seeing some of that stuff pop populate out, but now seeing all of these things, how AI is tapping into all of this stuff, it’s just like I think personally, Joel, I think last week was the biggest week that we had in technology since maybe man.

Joel Comm: Since I fart, definitely since I fart.

Travis Wright: Well, well, I would say on a serious note, probably it’s the biggest news in tech, probably since the tech bubble crashed in 2000. Right. I mean, there’s just so much that happened. Just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, all in one week. It was just insane to watch. It’s just like you. You’re starting to talk about what’s going on. Oh, and then something new pops out. You’re like, What? So much populated? Last week it was the.

Joel Comm: Same, including this Midjourney version five is now out. More photorealistic images, and apparently five fingered hands mean look at the quality. This this image that we’re looking at here points out the lighting and skin effects from Midjourney five. The quality is is definitely increased. I guess Midjourney Version three was August version. Four came in November and it just look at this. Look how amazing these images. Look at that hamburger. Right.

Travis Wright: Think of this now, folks. Think of that what Joel just said. We’re we’re in March. In nine months. We’ve had GPT three. I mean, we’ve had MIDJOURNEY, three Midjourney, four Midjourney five come out since August. Right? That is that’s like seven months, man. Eight months. Like, that’s crazy. The development and how quick this stuff is moving. So can you imagine where we’re going to be a year from now? Now think about this to Joel with Chad or with Midjourney five, you no longer need to use the words like we were telling you last week. You know, if you watch the Midjourney for Beginners with Chad or I keep saying Chad, there’s so many of them, five and four and this and that with Midjourney now you can literally just type in a descriptive sort of nice word salad about what you want to see is like, I’d like to see a castle on the top of a hill with glistening trees and the sunlight and the golden hour. And I’d like there to be a river and I’d like there to be nice rocks by the river. And I’d like it to be far distance photo wide angle shot like with. With Midjourney four and beyond. You’d be like, Castle, I’d like this castle to be in the style of this and that. And so you have like this, this sort of these specific words in a common between them. Now it’s like you can be descriptive. You can write in 2 or 3 paragraphs worth of descriptions into it to get exactly what you want in and Midjourney five.

Joel Comm: So I actually had just told Midjourney to create what you just said right there. This is also important that apparently Midjourney can now do hands correctly. I tested it myself. I went to Midjourney and I said, Ace Ventura, holding his hands up as if to say, Stop. And this is what it did. This one looks a little wonky right here. You can kind of see one of these fingers is he lost the tip of it.

Travis Wright: Are you sure you were on version five? Did you go in the settings and switch it to five? Oh, you.

Joel Comm: Know, I might not have I might not have. So I’ll have to check that in the thumb.

S3: You want to do folks is if you have.

Travis Wright: The paid version is you want to do slash settings and then you can go in there and change it. So it automatically does version five. But I’ll find that version five doesn’t always give me exactly what I want. Like this image behind me that’s moving. I was able to create these in Midjourney four and they were a lot better results that I that I liked better. Midjourney four more so than Midjourney five Because these midjourney five I couldn’t get them to be anywhere near as cool as I was come up with these. But yeah, so that’s what you want to do. Or you can just type in dash dash V space five and that’ll give you version five if you’re doing the paid version.

Joel Comm: I did not do it. So but this is the one I created for you. First the castle on top of the hill with birds flying by and rivers and all that. So this is a place you’d want to live. And I just instructed it to do Ace Ventura, holding out his hand with version five right now, and it’s rendering it as we speak. I’m going to be real curious.

Travis Wright: Seem a lot slower because it’s using a lot more processing power. It is a lot slower, I’ve noticed. But that’s okay. You get amazing images. Now, here we are. We’re at 46%. You know, this thing’s going pretty quick, actually. What I like to do, Joel, if I’m doing a bunch of images, I’ll actually turn off my fast mode and I’ll turn it to relax mode. I’m doing the paid version, and then and then I’ll be like, So what I did with those all those other images, those, you know, like, I want a hexagon in the middle and I want, you know, you know, sacred geometry and nodes and I want connected nodes and abstract image around me. I want the black hole, blah, blah, blah. And then I made one and then I turned on relax mode. And then I just went. I just hit the remix button like 15 times in a row. I went to sleep, woke up the next day. They were all done. It didn’t take any of my hours.

Joel Comm: I like that. That’s a good tip. So check it out. This is on version five. The first image is right. The second image. He’s got five fingers and a thumb. The third image looks right and the fourth image. He’s got five fingers in the thumb. So it’s still not perfect, but we’re getting mean. The fact that there’s some on there that are correct closer approximations to reality is is good with me.

Travis Wright: It’s good with me, too, Joe. If it’s good with you, it’s good with me. So as a recap chat GPT four, Google comes out, Microsoft comes out Midjourney five comes out like this was an epic, epic week.

Joel Comm: One last story, which is amusing and entertaining. Smart official creepy AI news anchor with skills of a thousand presenters is unveiled in China. But there’s a major catch. What is the catch to it? Well, it can only respond from a pre-written script, and that pre-written script includes the Chinese Communist Party’s official line. So it is a paid and bought for news anchor in China. Yeah.

Travis Wright: And actually on my other show, the Web three show, we have a digital I presenter also, we’re using this system from Digital Twin Protocol and can program it. It can answer questions. But what’s cool is that you will actually get videos from it and then we place those in our shorts or we put them in the YouTube shorts, not in our shorts, literally. And then we can put them on our long form video content as well. So it’s like we’re seeing a lot of really wild stuff popping up on all of this. Joel And it’s like, man, if, if, if this stuff evolved this quickly since August, dude, like. Where are we going to be three months from now? It’s really hard for us as futurists to be able to predict the future when the future moves so quickly.

Joel Comm: Because my crystal ball has been broken anyhow, the this is the the bad AI show founders pass. It is now closed off. You cannot get one of these except from somebody who has one. They have been airdropped to those who correctly filled out the form and are in your wallet. If you missed out on that, we’re we’re really sorry, but that’s a first mover advantage to to being part of the show. Some people Trav are reviewing this podcast.

Travis Wright: I already we got some reviews.

Joel Comm: We got some reviews saying.

Travis Wright: Wow, these guys suck ass. They need to do something else. Don’t quit your day job.

S3: Although this is our day job.

Joel Comm: Doesn’t say that at all. One of them is from Kano, the bad boys of crypto. Dude, again, I couldn’t resist. So I asked Chatgpt to write a five star review of the show in the form of an amber pentameter. Oh, bad show. You’re so clever and bright with host Joel and Travis and sight your insights into AI are truly grand. You make it easy to understand each episode. You share your vast knowledge with wit and humor. It’s never a slog. Your guests and topics, they are top notch and make my knowledge of AI simply pop. So five stars I give to the bad I show you make us see that even with the funny name, you’re informative, smart and never lame. Now go subscribe and listen. Watch to the show. That was nice. That was good. Yeah. So we. We have something for those of you that will go and give us a five star review on iTunes and that is this cool looking golden bad AI show. NFT Look at that and that beautiful, rotating and smart.

Travis Wright: And if you get the golden ticket, then you get a free trip to the Willy Wonka factory. I guess. What what does this do?

Joel Comm: I guess I don’t know if there’s any golden tickets or chocolates, but there is this NFT and the only way that you can get it is by going to iTunes and submitting a five star review. You can ask Chatgpt to write it for you if you want to. You can be funny, you can be serious whatever you want, but screenshot it once it goes live. If you go review on iTunes for the show, once your review is live, you usually get an email notification. But if you don’t check in a day or two, screenshot that and then email us at bad crypto podcast at with maybe they.

Travis Wright: Can forward that email they got.

Joel Comm: Yeah, that’s a good idea. Just forward the email that you got when your reviews live. I just don’t know if it always does it. So if it doesn’t forward it to bad crypto podcast to, if it doesn’t write us, but include your wallet, address your Ethereum wallet address so that when it comes time we can drop this to you. And, and we thank you kindly for taking the time to do so.

S3: That’s true. And if you give us a one.

Travis Wright: Star review, make sure to send that to us as well and then we’ll send you back this and it’ll be rotating around. It’s a nice little you can make it an NFT if you like.

S3: You don’t have to. All right. For those of you in your bag of dicks, we’ll send you back at Dick’s.

Joel Comm: Those of you that are listening and not watching, you’ll just have to use your own imagination as to what Lord Travis was showing there. We got a lot of stuff to cover and more coming your way soon.

Travis Wright: So I would say this if you haven’t if you’re tuning in, listening to the podcast, we thank you leaving reviews and stuff on all of that, but then also cruise on over to the YouTube channel. We’re trying to grow that. So make sure you like those posts. I’ll just even go over watch like it. Leave a comment over there too. We like that as well. That doesn’t get you an NFT, but it’s really nice and it makes the algorithm work nicely. So you can do that. If you’re enjoying it, the process, then give us some love back. We appreciate.

S3: That and it.

Joel Comm: Lets us know that you indeed new, new, new do know how to stay bad. Might not be able to talk like me, but you know how to stay bad air.

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