Should AI Be Regulated?!

Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s  700 B.C. poem Works and Days. Hesiod related that curiosity led her to open a container left in the care of her husband, thus releasing curses upon mankind.

AI has been released from Pandora’s box, but whether or not it releases curses upon mankind is really up to us. However, some are warning that we need to slow our roll in the development of this technology, lest we end up with Terminators or something worse, like a 24-hour TV network dedicated exclusively to the Kardashians.

We’ll take a look at the latest news from the AI world today and pepper is all with some good fun.  This is the Bad AI Show.

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Full Transcript and Time Stamps

S1: It’s the bad AI show. Joel, Come here. Travis. Right. There we are. Your bad hosts, but you are our exemplary audience. So welcome to the show.

S3: I am Travis the Robot. Welcome to the another podcast. We appreciate you tuning and listening. Thank you.

S1: You’ve been OD’ing on corn and so you’re you’re stuttering.

S3: I’m on my you know what if you tuning in here to the bad I show you know we’ll talk about that a little bit later on at the end because we have this bad crypto bad media community on uncut and we drop something cool that we can talk about a little later on in the show. So stay tuned for that.

S1: We did indeed. Let’s go ahead and jump in to the the news that is hot right now and beginning with this story right here from entrepreneur Elon Musk says that we should stop rapid development right now and gave his reasons why amongst those, you know, he said he started open AI he was one of the creators of OpenAI. And now that it’s being used as a profit center, he’s like, this is not what it was intended to be and he’s worried about it advancing quickly and becoming getting in the hands of corporate greed and getting into the hands of bad actors both domestically and abroad.

S3: Yeah, I you know, I’m torn on this one because for one, if I was Elon Musk and I invested $100 million into OpenAI to create it with my vision and gave it to Sam Altman, and we’re working on this thing, let’s create this thing that will benefit humanity. And then Sam Altman and the rest of the guy said, No, we’re going to actually sell half of it to Microsoft and be focused around business only. Giving OpenAI to Microsoft is horrible. I don’t care if they gave you $10 million, you probably could ask Elon Musk and he would have given you a billion more. Right? You know, and and then he gave 100 million and didn’t get any percentage of the company. I would be very upset. And now with Microsoft is doing Microsoft is rolling out chatgpt faster than I think OpenAI is even comfortable because they have so much swing now. GPT four They did not want to release that to the public yet.

S1: Joel No, they didn’t. And this letter is basically saying that they have to make sure that the impact on AI is going to be positive and the risks manageable. Noting potential economic and political consequences. And a Stanford University report from a couple of years ago says that the potential to become a threat to democracy and a tool for fascism is something that we have to watch out for. And AI. But, you know, as I alluded to in the beginning, Pandora’s box has been open, like we’re going to have regulation all of a sudden that says, oh, you need to stop this. And like, they’re actually going to stop.

S3: Come on, this should have been this should have been years ago. But the thing is, is like if you’ve seen any of the recent sort of congressional hearings with any tech leader, like most recently TikTok guy was there and they’re asking him questions. Our congressional leaders are not so smart when it comes to technology. And they’re out there. You know, I remember whenever Zuckerberg was on there and they’re like, wait a second.

S4: So if I’m on Facebook, does that mean I’m on the Internet?

S3: Like, did you just literally ask that question, you dumb ass, like congressman, like Jesus? And so these are the people who are who are going to regulate AI and they’re going to regulate crypto and they’re going to. Right. They don’t even understand how shit works. They’re just more worried about how to make more money in their pocket. It seems to me.

S1: This is my my first thought is the one that’s shared by Bill Ackman, who is a billionaire investor. And basically he’s saying that our enemies are working hard to develop their own their own open AI. It would be a mistake to delay the Manhattan Project and let the Nazis catch up. I don’t think we have a choice. Totally right, you know? That’s exactly.

S3: The case.

S1: The Western world is falling behind as we you know, you and I have talked about the BRICS nations are rising. You got China, you got Russia like they would love nothing more than for us to pause development so that they’re a I would be better you know, you want to talk about a threat stop developing so the enemies to our freedom can move ahead.

S3: Yeah we got to put some we got to put some stop gaps in something to sort of ensure that bad things don’t happen. But when they’re talking about it’s the fast track to losing democracy, right? Because then you got AI that doesn’t have any conscience at all. It’s just programmed to do certain things. And you want to keep somebody within a box, within a panopticon in some way, then it would be easier to do so. That is that is a concern. But then you think about this like, really, are we just going to let China have six months to catch up? That’s not good. Now, the thing about China and I, Joel, is different because of the alphabet issue. So in America, it’s really easy because here’s abcdefg they can go out and read the words. Now you’re talking about Chinese, which is there’s all of those are different characters in, you know, Arabic. All of those are different characters. And so you really got to do computer vision. Language learning is a little different, I think, with those types of languages. So it might take them a while to get caught up, but there’s no way we shut down. We just got to be smart about it. Italy, if you’re an Italian and you live in Italy, they’ve shut down Chatgpt You can’t access it right now. There’s so many pissed off.

S4: Tell you what to piss off these times. What would you do with the bullshit?

S5: Don’t tell me that I can’t be looking at the. I want to want to see what you.

S4: Have to cook at the pizza. And you taking off my chat? Yeah.

S1: Here’s a story from the BBC news all about that. And Chatgpt banned in Italy over privacy concerns. So, you know, you got this little thing called a VPN. May have heard of it. I’m pretty sure they haven’t in Italy. And so what’s next? What’s next is they they say, oh, we’re going to make VPNs illegal. I mean, talk about. Well, that’s.

S3: Quite frankly, Joel, that’s what’s going through right now in the US Congress, is they’re having that bill. They say, oh, we want to ban TikTok, which is in reality, what it’s doing is if you look at that bill, it essentially codifies what the former Twitter executives were doing for the US government and literally group sanctioning people and censoring people. That’s kind of what they want to legalize and codify through that new bill that they’re trying to do, where they’re going to, Oh, we’re going to ban TikTok because it’s so bad. Well, how about Ban TikTok on government devices? Probably a good idea if somebody wants to op in. You know, China’s probably stealing your data, you should op in, but you can’t use it as a blanket to ban everything when you start banning technologies. Because we because the nanny state doesn’t think you should deserve that, then only the powerful people are going to have access to those. And we are on the road to digital serfdom.

S1: It’s a major problem. And you know, you mentioned China, and so I picked up on this story today. Midjourney is the the latest to cave to Xi Jinping that they want to minimize drama. So basically, they’re saying that they won’t allow deep fakes of Xi Jinping, the Chinese president. But meanwhile, you can make all of the deep fakes you want of Donald Trump or Joe Biden like there’s no danger there. There’s no danger at all of that. But, you know, heaven forbid that you have Winnie the Pooh with the Chinese president.

S3: Seriously, is your ego so fragile that you can’t have people even commenting on stuff like, seriously, in my opinion, Xi Jinping, there’s worse things than being called Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh is lovable. You most certainly are not. So you should at least take the positive benefits. Oh, man, Look at one of the Pooh. So it’s. Oh, it’s adorable. You are not Winnie the Pooh is. You suck because you know CCP who said, Hey, stop it, You’re hurting my fee fees.

S1: So the is he the.

S3: Species.

S1: Of midjourney? He he is saying here that political satire in China is pretty not okay and at some point would endanger people in China from using the service. Say look, deepfakes are going to endanger US citizens, European citizens, Australians. There’s this is part of the you know, Pandora’s box is open, but this catering to China is something that is not new. There is an ongoing list on Mashable of companies that have bowed down to Chinese censorship pressure. It’s very interesting to see exactly what each one of these companies has done in order.

S3: It’s foreshadowing. Joel Yeah, they’re bowing down to these guys. Wait until we become those guys and they bow down to them. When you start bending the knee, there’s no ending to bending.

S1: There’s no ending to bending that. That’s nice little rhyme you did there. Yeah, it’s a long list, too. And these companies just. No, no courage. Not not a testicle in sight at any of these companies. And, you know.

S3: I would say this. It’s like I like technology. I like this technology from the positive aspects of things that it can be that it can do. Like if we spend our time and I was having a conversation with Chris Snook over the weekend, he’s we do the Web three show together and he was like, you know what? We should really focus on being a positive force for this, because if we want to look for negative things to look about in this, we can always find him. There’s no shortage of things to complain about in any space, but if we take our time and try to find the things that do the most coolest stuff that’s uplifting humanity, that’s where our better use will be. So I am spending a lot of time on that. But then again, I am human. And so I look at some of these things. I’m like, Man, there are some potential catastrophic consequences that could happen if this is not used correctly.

S1: Joel And you’re that’s a very positive take on a negative thing. I mean, it’s just it’s undeniable. You have to be blind and living in a cave to to not see what could happen here.

S3: What could not see as people turn into them.

S1: Right? So Google is rolling out bard, which is their AI engine, their Chatgpt competitor in the US and the UK. But they’re doing it slowly. I guess there was a promo video that they were showing and an incorrect answer was shown and Google shares immediately went down $120 billion in value Overall. It’s like people just reacted up $120 billion.

S3: Yeah. Wow. So here’s the thing. Google bought DeepMind years ago. They’ve been working on AI behind the scenes through their own very corporate and my mind very corporate. We know how biased Google and Silicon Valley tends to be. So I would assume that this is a very, you know, if you like, hey, I’m a conservative. What do you think about me that probably doesn’t think very highly of you? I’m not I haven’t played with Bard yet, but they’ve slow rolled this out for a reason because they’re building it all internally, utilizing it for all their own properties. OpenAI comes out and like, Whoa, we better do something then. Then Microsoft comes out, buys by some of OpenAI. Now Google is like, Oh damn. And then Microsoft comes out with a polished event and Google comes out with a polished turd that wasn’t even polished. It doesn’t look like.

S6: It’s just a turd. Yeah. Needs a little.

S1: Help. It says it’s not currently supported in your country. I wonder if it reported with the US.

S6: Yeah, we’re Puerto Rico. Yeah. Okay. But you’re talking about.

S1: Some positive things happening with AI. This is a heartwarming story right here. Matt Wolf, who runs Future Tools. Dot IO did a live.

S3: This guy tune in his content. He’s spectacular dude.

S1: Did a really cool thing He he posted initially this on Twitter right here I’m just made this silly little JavaScript game 100% with GPT four. I have zero coding knowledge and I couldn’t tell you what a single line of the code is doing, but he documents in here exactly what he would did, what he did and how he got it to to create this thing. The video you see here has been is now more sophisticated. And if you go to our show notes, you will find a link that he made, a 26 minute video that shows step by step how he did this thing. I pointed this out to to my son Zach, and he is now working on a bot game, that role playing game that’s going to run through his his twitch stream. So while people are watching, they can play along with with this thing and it’s you don’t need to learn to code anymore gang you need to learn the prompt.

S3: Turns out that was bad advice telling people to learn the code you need to learn the AI can learn the prompt. That’s it. Like I show some of this and they go, Oh my God, how did you do that? That is unbelievable. Like it’s prompting essentially, right? And so, yeah, tune in to Matt Wolf, Future Tools. He’s doing great stuff over there. Um, so this is coming out. And also, let’s talk a thing about what we did, Joel, with blockchain heroes, right? So we got a little something going on. We’ve, we’ve used AI in a cool way with blockchain heroes. That’s a set that we created over three years ago, Blockchain Heroes, and we’ve launched several different pack sets on wax. Well, we’ve taken these characters that we’ve created and Joel and his son Zach have helped ideate, and now we’ve created a new version which is blockchain heroes, energized, where we’ve used AI on some of our popular characters. Right.

S1: Energize me. Yeah. This is if you’re holding blockchain heroes nfts from from Wax, then you’re able to participate in this and get an energized one. NFT Wax pack. You can go to the show notes that we’ll have linked up for this episode for you. You can go watch this video and read more about how it’s going to take place. It’s really cool. There’s just I is opening up this this avenue for creativity that we we didn’t have before to get more cool stuff done quickly. And you know you have been going so deep down this rabbit hole with midjourney and using these tools. There is a running gag in the kingdom of bad Cryptopia the republic, as it were. It’s corn jokes. And we dropped an NFT to 100 of our members that that were quick enough to grab one from the bad crypto nifty club which.

S3: You want to show our nifty club there. Pop up the nifty club so you can actually see we created Captain Corn. It was just a joke. It was literally. Joel Captain Corn is the very first image that I ever created from start to finish with. I.

S6: So it was like it was a joke. It was. It was a joke.

S3: It was a poop joke, right? CORN You can see it twice. You eat it and then it comes back to visit you. And so we always make jokes about it on bad crypto, we make corn jokes. And so that’s why Captain Corn is who he is. And so, well, on Wednesday of last week, we said, Hey, there’s 89 of them have been claimed. So what we did was if you sign up for the membership, you get some drop to you, but some you got to claim on your own. And claiming them on your own creates engagement. You got to come back and play around. Well, we had Captain Corn as one. You had to claim There he is, him corn, You have Capricorn. So we sent out a message to all the members who did not have a Captain Corn saying, Hey, Captain Corn, there’s only 11 of them left. And boom, within that hour they were all.

S6: Claimed they were.

S1: Gone. And in order to have one of those, you needed to have this bad crypto nifty club membership. NFT And you can go get one of these right now. Bad and we’d like to give them away for free. We don’t want bots to get them, so we put a minimal price on there. It’s 0.000002 eath, which right now is currently $3.68. When you have one of these, you get nfts dropped to you. In fact, you can see right here, if I go to the collection of nfts that we have dropped member airdrops, everything that you see here, if you had a membership card, these are stills, but many of these are animated. These are dropped to you and a lot of them go along with episodes of the.

S6: Bad Crypto podcast. So Travis starts messing around.

S1: With these this corn idea. And why don’t you explain what you came up with.

S3: So so basically I was like, Well, let’s make something special for the captain. CORN And so I went in and I said, You know what? I want to create, like a little figurine. I want to create a little cool, little Pixar kind of a statuette figurine, kind of like a pop statue, but not quite like a pop. And so that’s corn inspired. So here we are. We have these. We have Jester Jimmy Crack, corn baron Von Harvest, Duke kettle corn kernel cobs worth count Cob daddy. And we have King we have sir Lord sweet corn which is based off of me. We have Sir Lauren McPartlin. That’s there, Joel right there. And we have Sheriff Maisie Mays. And then we got King Shucks, the second. So these are all dudes. So what we have is coming up. Eventually there will be some mystic corn maidens and they will show up. There will be a queen. There’s like a whole story now. So basically the land of Cornucopia has been built and is being built using Chatgpt for using midjourney. And we’ve dropped each one of these nfts. There’s ten of we dropped them to those 100 users. And now the fun will really begin as we’ve come up with a kind of a property that seems to me that’s like a mix between Harry Potter, Game of Thrones care, bears, sweet pickles, some of these other sort of things mixed all into one VeggieTales. It’s kind of all one sort of uplifting thing to inspire and motivate and make people laugh.

S1: So more on that coming and there will be opportunities for you to get a corn wizard here in the not too distant future.

S6: But you’re going to want to have one of these bad crypto nifty clubs to participate.

S1: So go to bed. Crypto dot Uncut FM, pick one of these, become a porn star.

S6: Just have it in your hub.

S3: Go to Corn Hub, become a corn star. You can do all that.

S1: So we’ve gotten some great reviews for the show and we appreciate it because the audience continues to grow. Five stars from Julian Parrot. He says a must for the modern world. These guys are always informative, frequently funny, sometimes funny, easy to listen to. There’s never a dull moment in their shows. I also love their bad crypto podcasts.

S3: Julian Thank you for that. That was nice. Not your average corn farmers, says the next one from the Frog Nose. Joel and Travis Wright are my go to guides for navigating the complex world of advanced technology tools. Their expertise and enthusiasm are a breath of fresh air, among other experts. I would not say we’re an expert yet, but we are explorers, that is for sure. I highly recommend their guidance to anyone looking to learn more about this fluid technology because corn will come back and haunt you. If not.

S1: It’s a breath of fresh air because I do breath mints like that right there. Thank you. Bad knowledge daddies. I love and appreciate how unconventional in and against the green. You guys.

S6: Are always pushing other people to do their.

S1: Own research and ask their.

S6: Own questions. And that’s why he has a daddy’s. Don’t understand that. Thank you. Service. Okay.

S7: That’s okay.

S3: Daddy. All right. Uh oh. It’s me again. Stalker Albert having just left a review on Bad Crypto podcast, I thought I would come here and also leave my five star support for you guys. Once again, Joel and Trav have become the intrepid explorers diving into the new tech that is coming at us. It’s such a fast pace that it would be hard to keep up if that were not the case. Want to want to know about. I listen and watch the bad. I show a say it like as if you were a rapper saying, all right, hey, all right. Keep up the hard work team listening in, Thumbs up emoji. I learned that I could adjust midjourney today with slash settings. Thank Trav.

S5: Good job.

S1: Good job. So we would love your review as well. And to to tell people about the bad AI show, we’re going to be rewarding people with a very special gold bad AI show. NFT And it’s currently it’s not been minted yet. It’s in the process right here on Uncut.

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S6: You for your support and.

S1: You’re on the list. So if you want to get one of these, that’s how to do it.

S6: And and we appreciate you guys listening. There you go. I think that’s it, Trav.

S3: That is good. I really appreciate you guys, too. You guys are tuning in. Listen, we’re having fun chatting about this, so if this is entertaining to you, I’m glad that that is the case. If one of the things that I’ve been thinking about, Joel, as we’re wrapping this show up and I’m not going to go in long on this, this is a call for you to do your own due diligence. If you go to Coingecko and then you click on categories, you could scroll down and find the category that’s called artificial intelligence. These are some cryptos that are building on artificial intelligence and in it, and they’re doing different things. So I would maybe not a financial advice, but start doing some research on AI plus crypto tokens. If you find a spectacular one, maybe you let us know. But have some fun. There’s a bunch of them out there and there’s going to be a lot of things that are happening in this space. So keep an eye on that and hopefully you find the right one.

S6: There you go. That is a good tip for you right there. Check out what Coingecko has got to say about that.

S1: All right. Well, thank you so much for listening and or watching. We do appreciate you. Catch you on the next episode. Until then, stay bad. Oh, my.

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