The Terrifying Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Politicians around the world are scrambling to figure out how to keep the reins on AI. But are these merely stupid and futile gestures? It will take two slightly stupid hosts to wade through it all. Whether or not it ends in futility remains to be seen on today’s episode #16 of The Bad AI Show. 

News Articles / Links Covered in the Show

AI leaders warn about ‘risk of extinction’ in open letter

Senate letter to Meta on LLaMA leak is a threat to open-source AI, say experts | VentureBeat

Elon Musk and Other Leaders Are Worried About AI. Here’s Why | Entrepreneur

AI Learning From AI is The Beginning of the End for AI Models – Decrypt

Meet PassGPT, the AI Trained on Millions of Leaked Passwords – Decrypt

UN report highlights ‘serious and urgent’ concerns about AI deepfakes

US senators propose AI bills for transparency and innovation

OpenAI’s Sam Altman tells senators: regulate us



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